corporates to accumulate fat

To regulate insulin, hormone released when there is ingestion of massa keto ultra diet, pão ou mesmo fruta e, which, in excess, stimulates or corporates to accumulate fat.


More or main reason for resgate da Keto é provoke a mudança expressiva no metabolism. In the absence of carbohydrate, or other body will be able to generate energy. 


The liver uses deposits of fat as a form of support energetics - a process called ketosis, explains nutritionist Juliana Pizzocolo, from São Paulo. One more advantage without so much glucose circulating in the blood, you feel less hunger (I kept distant two dozes, without suffering!).


The tumor cells may be inefficient to compensate for this reduction due to mitochondrial dysfunction. In addition, palmitic, stearic and oleic acids inhibit certain enzymes involved in glycolysis. According to the findings, some tumor cells can metabolize ketones, which would be associated with the failure of the DC effect. 


DC could also affect tumor signaling pathways. For example, a change in the expression of HER2 and progesterone receptors was observed during DC in a patient with breast cancer. Other authors found an inverse correlation between insulin levels and ketosis, which was associated with decreased tumor progression.


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